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Bedbugs are a nightmare, plain and simple! Getting rid of bedbugs has always been a very labor intensive process requiring chemicals, excessive heat or steam that didn't always work.

We all know that using toxic chemicals is NOT the way to go when you're working inside of your home. Therefore, most companies use excessive heat of 130 degrees Fahrenheit or higher to kill bedbugs, often without complete eradication of bedbugs and their eggs in the first service. This excessive heat may also cause damage to items within your home. Furniture with wood veneer, plastics, metal, etc. can be damaged from the extreme heat. If you have antiques in your home that were assembled with dowels and glue, if the glue hasn't already lost most of its effectiveness, the high heat will complete the job.

Plastic blinds have the propensity to warp in high excessive heat. The 130+ temperatures may also cause damage to expensive electronics within your home. Why take that chance?

Bad odors from organic decay, smoke, and other sources can cause your home to be almost uninhabitable.  We can remedy the situation, typically, in one treatment.  The actual source of the odor must be removed first, then we come in and eliminate the odor.

Mold has become a serious problem in our homes and to our health.  The first thing you must do to combat mold is find the source of the mold.  The source must be resolved and any damage must be removed by professionals. At that point, we can come in and use our top of the line ozone generators to remediate any mold spores that remain.  It's imperative to get all of the mold out, so growth does not continue.

Our ozone service will kill the mold spores that are left in the air after the mold source area has been removed.  We DO NOT remove the mold source and recommend that mold removal specialists are contracted to handle this.

In addition, we can take care of your HVAC system air ducts to make sure all mold spores and bacteria are eliminated.

With our state of the art ozone generators, we can usually resolve the problem in one service, without causing any other potential issues and with less intrusion on you! As you can see from the study below, with a high concentration of ozone along with prolonged exposure, ozone will kill bedbugs!  Our machines produce the concentration needed to get the job done.  We have machines that produce 50,000 mg/h and 100,000 mg/h.

Plastic blinds have the propensity to warp in high excessive heat. The 130+ temperatures may also cause damage to expensive electronics within your home. Why take that chance?

For approximately the same cost, you can eradicate bedbugs, fowl odors, bacteria, viruses & mold spores in one service using our state of the art high intensity ozone generators.  

Call us today and let us show you how we will solve your problem once and for all!

All people, pets & plants MUST be removed from the service site prior to and during treatment.    
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100,000 mg/h Ozone Generator
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50,000 mg/h Ozone Generator