Client Results...
"'Moving made easy' sounds like a contradiction. But with Carolina RTS, it truly is. All the people we worked with were wonderful and understanding of our emotions in leaving our home of 52 years. They kept saying to us “It will all be OK.” And it was!"

Annette, October 2018

"I am so grateful to Carolina Relocation and Transition Specialists! Moving my Mom to Assisted Living was a very touchy decision and one that caused me a lot of stress as a daughter, and as a caregiver. Carolina RTS took the stress of moving someone special, a woman who had lived in the same home for 30+ years, away completely! They did all the heavy lifting and sorting and allowed me to focus on my Mom's fresh start in a new place without feeling as though I had left something behind. I will be forever grateful! It goes without saying but I would never want to leave out Beth Wenhart and Virginia Hughes. Beth set me at ease from the beginning with her easy going way of assuring both my Mom and I that we were in good hands. Virginia handled everything for me, no matter what came up in the middle of the process, she had a solution and continually told me not to worry about it. The overall experience and expert advice offered as part of the relocation service was beyond measure! Thank You!"

Sherri Schaffroth, March 2018

“My mother and I feel so fortunate to have had such a professional, caring team help with her move to her new apartment in her retirement community.  Beth was such a calm, reassuring presence during this stressful time. She worked seamlessly with the community’s management staff to coordinate details. The service was customized to suit all my mother’s preferences and addressed her concerns about her treasured pieces. Beth provided advice and guidelines to help with the planning, culling and sorting.  The actual move went so well. Tod’s moving staff was careful and courteous. Gina worked tirelessly with Beth to get the new apartment ready.  We wholeheartedly recommend Carolina RTS for top-notch service.”

Ann Lucas and Jane Lucas Smith, February 2017

"Moving at our age seems an indomitable task. Transitioning from a 2,200 square foot home with outside shop and storage to a 1,400 square foot retirement villa added another dimension of fear and dread.

Initial meetings with transition specialist, Ashley, helped us shape specific tasks necessary in order to downsize. When our villa space opened surprisingly quick and our home sold in a week before placing it on the market, our transition became more complicated. We had to downsize and move within a month. Wow! Our heads spun and emotions spilled.

Once again through our specialist, Ashley, we were led through a photographing phase, planning, placement of furniture, and moving logistics. She was thorough and a gentle guide for us. In our many hectic phone appeals for help, she was always calm, but direct.

When issuing the initial contract, Tod and Ashley were willing to work with us to see what creative steps we could take on a personal side to adjust cost.

When moving day and move-in day came, they were punctual, organized, charmingly humorous, helpful, and competent. Our home was on a tricky mountain road which would challenge any, but Tod handled the maneuvers like a pro.

When unpacking they executed placement of furnishings in our floorplans with keen precision. When packing accessories, they were extremely observant to see where certain items were placed; then, when unpacking, placed these same items accordingly. Very. Very thoughtful and caring.

Even after hours and hours of grueling packing, there was never a cross word among team members. They worked together with ease. We grew very fond of each team member quickly.

We would highly recommend to anyone that you give yourself an incredible gift, by hiring this extraordinary team for your transition. Now in our new residence; we are very aware we could have never moved, in any other way. We are so grateful to Carolina Relocation and Transition Specialists."

Shirley Boone, Fall of 2016

"I was a part of my father-in-law's move from beginning to end and at 91 years of age a move can be a very unnerving process but Carolina Relocation and Transition Specialist made it a very positive experience. Beth Wenhart from Carolina RTS met with myself/father-in-law to explain the process, all the services they could do for him and explain the cost for each piece. We then met with Virginia Hughes, the person who would be handling the move until the end. She sat with him and discussed what furniture he would like to take with him, she measured all the furniture and then went to his new apartment and meticulously measured all possible spaces so a floor plan could be developed, with his input, with efficiency and safety in mind for him.  

The day before the move Virginia and her crew [each and every crew member was fantastic at their job and very personable with all of us] came in and packed up and readied everything for the move the next day. My father-in-law on the day of the move just had to sit and watch the magic happen. Everything was put in place in his new apartment, boxes unpacked and items arranged so that at the end of the day my father-in-law was telling us how much he loved his new apartment and it looked like he had been living in it for awhile already.

After the move there was follow up from our moving specialist, Virginia Hughes plus follow up and a visit from the Marketing Director, Beth Wenhart to see if my father-in-law and his family were happy with all that happened and were there any improvements that Carolina RTS could do. All was perfect and my father-in-law is enjoying his new place from day one and I believe that is due to the care this team gave him. We will definitely use you again and will highly recommend you to everyone we know who could use your service. Thank you again."

Pam Hardee, 2016

"Thanks to Tod Davis and his Carolina Relocation & Transition Specialists’ team, we completed this move with little of the angst that accompanied our nine previous relocations. We literally moved from living in our former home one day to living in our new home the very next day, with no boxes to unpack and pictures and mirrors hung. From helping us plan the location of the furnishings in our new home to the disposition of those we were not taking to our home, CRTS more than lived up to its commitments."

Tom Young, 2015

"My husband and I recently moved from our home of fifteen years to a condo in a retirement community. It was a difficult decision, and we dreaded all that it involved. Fortunately, some friends recommended Carolina Relocation & Transition Specialist to help us make the move. We contacted Beth Wenhart, and she and her team came to help us. They made this transition as easy on us as possible. They helped with decisions on how to downsize, assisted in how to place furniture in condo, did all the packing, and then unpacking, handled the move, even had our bed ready to sleep in the day of our move, and kitchen set up for use.

This team is so compassionate and kind, so efficient, very professional, and have in place a wonderful plan. We strongly recommend Carolina - RTS and Beth and her outstanding team!"

Linda Cuthrell, 2015

"When my mother died, I was completely devastated. Then when it sunk in that my first task was to liquidate all of her possessions so we could sell her home, it was almost more than I could bear. I will never forget the kindness and compassion shown to me by Tod Davis and his team at CRTS. He treated my mother’s home as if it were his mother’s home. When I mentioned something special, a Pawley’s Island Rope Hammock, that my brother asked to be set aside, Tod took the initiative to place with it a framed photo he came across of my brother as a baby in the hammock. It was that type of attention to detail and trained eye in ferreting out what would be important to our family as he managed our estate sale that made something that could have been a horrible experience into a beautiful and moving one. Losing my mother and dismantling her home was truly one of the most difficult experiences of my life, but CRTS completely removed the burden from my shoulders. I had high expectations of what they would do for me after our initial meeting, but CRTS blew them out of the water. I can’t thank them enough for shepherding me through the most difficult time of my life. I give them my highest recommendation."

Susan Boswell Gourdin, August 2012

"Beth Wenhart and the teams at Carolina Relocation and Transition Specialists were very friendly and helpful as we moved my father into an assisted living facility, and then to another one shortly after that. I was especially impressed with Beth's kindness toward my dad and her understanding of how difficult these kinds of transitions can be."

Allison Wood, Chapel Hill

"Previously moving my elder parent from a home in another state to a home locally proved to be exhausting, costly and educational. The next move several years later from a home to an apartment seemed more daunting with so
much to downsize yet still keeping the treasures of your parent’s life and not emotionally, physically or financially draining them or yourself. With this upcoming project on my plate I contacted Carolina Relocation and Transition
Specialists.  After numerous questions were satisfactorily answered and introducing my parent to the staff I was very confident hiring them. Beth, Tod and their staff were helpful, organized and communicated all the steps and
finances which made the entire move and tag sale effortless on our part. I would not hesitate to recommend them for anyone who needs to move and transition someone. My mother speaks highly of them and considers them our new friends."

Donna and Emily from Raleigh

"Carolina Relocation and Transition Specialists provided an extraordinary service for our family during a very difficult time. We had to close my mother-in-law's apartment in Washington, D.C. with very little notice. She was ill and her condition, and her plans for her belongings changed on a daily basis. Beth rolled with every change and went out of her way to take care of the tiniest detail. Beth and her staff did an amazing job. Beth and I were in constant contact from the minute we began to plan the move. The move was from an apartment in a large complex in the middle of Washington, D.C. and the logistics were overwhelming. Beth managed to arrange for donations, to sort and pack, to bring family treasures to our house in Chapel Hill in perfect condition and to clean out the apartment to the satisfaction of the management. Because of the ease of this move our family was able to spend precious time with my mother-in-law in what turned out to be the last month of her life. I highly recommend their services."

Sarah Harris, Chapel Hill, NC

"I would like to THANK YOU and your staff for the time and attention you gave to my grandmother during her move to Raleigh, NC from Asheboro, N.C. Your staff was professional and very attentive to her needs. It is refreshing to know that there are still people like you all; that care about the person and not just the task at hand. Your customer service skills are impeccable. The movers were patient and very cautious in moving her valuable items. In addition, the way you and your staff packed and unpacked her home & apartment was tremendous and you exceeded my family's expectations. Also, we really appreciate your guys going above and beyond in fixing the hook up to the washing machine.

I have moved several times in my life. I have never come across a company that is deeply committed and compassionate about their clients as Carolina Relocation & Transition Specialists. Tod was extra special in the attention he gave to my family and me during this challenging but rewarding time.

If we're ever in the need to relocate any of our friend & family we'll look no further than Carolina Relocation & Transition Specialists."

Josh Chriscoe

“As a geriatric care manager, I have utilized the services of Beth Wenhart and the Carolina Relocation & Transition Specialists to coordinate the move of an older person in her move from a distant city to Chapel Hill. I met with her local family to discover what were the extent of her moving needs and then called Beth Wenhart. She met with the local family and the senior person who lived in another state and relieved the family of all of the worry and stress of getting this person moved into an assisted living facility. Beth handled the move with a sense of professionalism and east that reassured all involved that the move would go smoothly - and in fact it did! I would recommend Beth and Carolina Relocation & Transition Specialists to any family who would like to provide support for their loved one during the move and leave the details of the move to the professionals."

Bill Crittenden
Senior Care Management Associates

"I am so glad I chose Tod to move my parents from their home to a retirement community. Tod managed the logistics of planning and moving flawlessly, and layered that service with care and concern for a major life event. Tod’s team had experience with moves at the retirement community, which made things even easier. When it comes to my parents, I want the best and Carolina Relocation and Transition Specialists fulfilled all of my expectations."


"Moving can be very stressful and overwhelming for anyone regardless of their age. As the Sales Director for a senior community in Greensboro, NC, I work with many adult children and seniors whom are transitioning from their homes to our independent retirement community. For many adult children, the idea of coordinating and executing the actual move is too much for them to physically handle due to time constraints and other obligations. In an effort to ease their minds and stress, I continuously refer to Tod Davis of Carolina Relocation and Transition Specialists. Tod and his staff are well trained in coordinating, executing and managing a move from beginning to end with great ease and professionalism. Tod has worked extensively with seniors and understands and respects the importance of personal touch and attention to detail. It makes such a difference for seniors and their families to work with an experienced professional who caters to the seniors needs and concerns in an effort to make their moving experience a successful one. In addition, Tod is extremely accommodating to his clients and other professionals he works making it a true joy to work with!"

Sales Director, Continuing Care Retirement Community

"If you are facing the prospect of moving an elderly parent or family member you have your hands full. If you are like me, you are feeling a bit overwhelmed by the huge task and you want to make this as smooth and pain-free as possible for your parent(s). My 85 year old mother's health took a turn for the worse recently and I needed to move her from her home in VA where she had lived for 50 years to NC to be near me. Moving from a house filled with memories and history is a major undertaking. I was very fortunate to have the folks at Carolina Relocation & Transition Specialists help us. Beth did an amazing job of working with mom and I to pick out key furniture pieces and to meticulously plan out the move.

When Tod and the crew arrived they carefully assessed the situation and began carefully wrapping, boxing and packing things. I have moved numerous times and can say that I have never been as comfortable as I was with the folks from Carolina RTS. The next day we drove to NC and when we got to mom's apartment it was already set up and looked amazingly like her home. The team had all of the furniture placed, the pictures hung and after a few tweaks, mom was settled in. Tod and Beth have a wonderful, caring approach to this work and I would not hesitate to recommend them. They did such a great job, I had them help with a second move as well."

Our Mission:

“To provide superior service to our clients as we assist them through their individual life transitions.”